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SABIO MembershipThe Benefits of SABIO Membership

SABIO, as a voluntary association, is a national body of persons which has both a direct and indirect interest in the beekeeping industry in South Africa. The beekeeping sector is a vital component of the overall agricultural industry and contributes directly into the country’s biodiversity needs for a sustainable economy. The industry needs to be organised to ensure that it represents the interests of the multiple needs found within a diverse sector.

SABIO represents the interests of commercial and small-scale beekeepers, honey producers and pollinators, recreational beekeepers, the small-holder sector, honey bottlers, manufacturers of beehive equipment, importers and exporters;

SABIO liaises directly and regularly with Government departments on policy matters affecting the bee industry;

SABIO is involved with Government (DAFF) in respect of revising and promulgating laws affecting and protecting beekeeping in South Africa;

SABIO liaises directly with Research Institutions within South Africa on all matters affecting the wellbeing of our honeybee population and monitors and, where feasible, sponsors research into honey bee diseases which may directly impact on our honeybees;

SABIO ensures all persons involved in the bee industry are kept informed of current affairs affecting beekeeping in the country, particularly those who are members of the organisation through regular communiques as and when the need arises;

SABIO publishes a quarterly Bee Journal which is sent out to all members of the Organisation;

SABIO has negotiated a third party insurance scheme to protect beekeepers from public liability claims;

SABIO maintains important international links both within Africa and the wider beekeeping world;

SABIO ensures that the annual BEECON is organized to foster fraternity within the beekeeping sector and to expose beekeepers to current and international beekeeping issues facing this country;

SABIO supports viable and sustainable initiatives encouraging smallholder beekeeping within the rural areas;

SABIO encourages the establishment and functioning of local and regional Beekeeping Associations aimed at promoting beekeeping practices within their specific areas.

SABIO MembershipApplication for SABIO Membership

  • Primary Member: a registered beekeeper;
  • Affiliated Association and Cooperative members: a Beekeeping Association or Beekeeping Cooperative;
  • Professional and Corporate members: a Professional (Commercial) beekeeper or Corporate body with an interested in beekeeping.

SABIO Membership Form 2020

SABIO acts as sole agent for the marketing of a special group insurance policy for its members with Van Der Laan Insurance Brokers cc which was specially designed and negotiated for the beekeeping community.  Beekeepers may be accused of liability for damages caused by their bees or by themselves in the course of their beekeeping activities.  The beekeeper who is covered by this insurance should never admit liability but rather refer the matter to the broker who will handle the matter on the beekeeper’s behalf.  The policy does not cover any personal hive losses as a result of fires, flood damage, death of swarms or any other personal losses.

SABIO Insurance Form 2020

SABIO MembershipRegistration with DAFF as a Beekeeper / Bee Removal Service Provider

In terms of Control Measure R858 published on the 15 November 2013 all beekeepers and bee removal service providers must register annually with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF).  The requisite form is available on this page.  Once completed the forms must be sent through to DAFF either by post or electronically to the addresses provided.  Registration of beekeepers is no longer the responsibility of SABIO; please do not send your Registration Forms to SABIO.  Registration forms must be sent directly to DAFF.

Beekeeper Registration Form DAFF